Steam breaks 25 million concurrent users

Happy holidays.

Image via Valve

Steam has been on a roll during the holidays this past week. The gaming software client eclipsed a benchmark number of concurrent viewers with a record number 25 million users this weekend.

Since Christmas, the concurrent user figures on Steam have been creeping closer and closer to the 25-million mark during prime gaming hours every day, but it wasn’t until 8am CT yesterday that Steam was finally able to pass the mark. 

via SteamDB

Today, Steam has managed to surpass the 25 million mark again, and in the process made a new all-time high concurrent user record for a second day in a row. The current record that was set this morning is 25,418,674, up just a few thousand users from the record set yesterday. 

Currently the top games supporting this holiday surge from Steam include CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Cyberpunk 2077, and Grand Theft Auto V

CS:GO has the highest concurrent user peak from today with more than one million. Dota 2 is second with a peak of just less than 700,000. 

Meanwhile contributions from Rust, which has made a stamp on Twitch in the past week, have helped as well. Attention it’s gotten from streamers has increased its active user base, and the game’s peak this weekend of 131,763 has it among the top 10 games on Steam.