Sony revamps PlayStation Trophy system

There are a lot more levels to climb.

Image via Sony

PlayStation’s Trophy system is getting some “enhancements” with increased trophy level ranges, new calculation structure, and new trophy icons, Sony announced today in a blog post.

Trophy levels have been rescaled from the one to 100 range, with the end cap now at 999. Users’ current levels will be automatically updated to reflect these changes made by Sony.

The larger amount of levels will allow for a calculation system “that is more optimized and rewarding.” Players will breeze past the earlier level, and will continuously get their dopamine hits via more consistent level-ups. Platinum trophies have received an upgrade in value as well, making those elusive trophies count even more toward level-ups.

Your trophy level progress will now be better reflected with varying new logos. Right now, it’s just a gold trophy badge. The update will push out sparkling new visuals reflecting the various tiers of trophies you can get in games. Small embellishments will “visually suggest” your proximity to the next tier up.

Image via PlayStation Blog

Sony also clarified that trophy level progress won’t be reset. Like previous-generation transitions, your level will stay with you should you choose to upgrade to the PS5.

These changes will come into effect later tonight. The PS5 will use the revamped system, while other locations like the PS App, My PlayStation, and older consoles will receive the update.