Smite’s stand-alone launcher will no longer work after Patch 9.4

Reject stand-alone. Embrace Steam.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

If you’re a Smite player from way back, still rocking your beta tester avatar, then unfortunately there may be some bad news. As of Patch 9.4, Smite’s stand-alone launcher will no longer be updated. That means you’ll need to launch Smite from Steam or a similar service in order to keep playing.

Realistically, this shouldn’t be considered a big issue since the majority of players probably already launch Smite through Steam or a similar service. That being said, if you’re a hold-out, you’ll need to make the leap to a proper game service before sometime later this year.

The game is currently on Patch 9.2 and Hi-Rez has not given a release date for Patch 9.4. Players will likely be able to use the stand-alone launcher for quite a while longer, but given the fact that devs are tweeting about the upcoming change, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and migrate.

If you’ve been using the stand-alone launcher, you’ll need to link Smite with your Steam or Epic Games account. You can do this by installing the game through one of these services and then signing in to your proper Smite account.

You can expect this change to take place when Patch 9.4 goes live later this year.