Smite’s new god, Cliodhna, is now live

A new winter-themed Conquest map is also available.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The wait for the Queen of the Banshees is finally over. You can head into Smite right now to check out the new god, Cliodhna.

Cliodhna comes to Smite as part of the Celtic pantheon. Known as the Banshee Queen, Cliodhna is a physical assassin with a powerful and unique passive ability. Cliodhna’s passive allows her to walk into walls once every 16 seconds. While inside a wall, she can move freely and use some of her abilities. She’ll also lose health while inside a wall and can’t go inside a wall if she’s below 25 percent. When she comes out of a wall (and while in one), she’ll have 10 percent physical ability lifesteal.

It’s fitting that Cliodhna debuts during Halloween because she’s about to provide the community with a plethora of jump scares. Keep an extra eye on the walls if you decide to head into conquest today. The walls Cliodhna will be sneaking through for the next few weeks will be snow-covered.

Joining the game alongside Cliodhna today is a new winter-themed Conquest map. Dubbed the Winter Dreadwoods, the new Conquest map is geographically the same but artistically reflects the chill of winter.

Cliodhna debuts with an exclusive skin called Deadly Doll Cliodhna. This skin will only be available for a limited time and will cost you 1,200 Gems. If you don’t have any Gems at all and you’d like to purchase Deadly Doll Cliodhna, you’ll need to buy the 1,500 Gem bundle for $24.99.

You can head into Smite right now to check out the Banshee Queen, as well as the new winter-themed Conquest map.