Smite announces Winter Gem sale event

The time to buy is now.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the best parts of the holiday season is themed events in some of your favorite games.

Smite revealed a new Holiday Gem sale today to go along with the game’s seasonal festivities.

Smite has arguably the best cosmetics in gaming. Hi-Rez continuously releases outstanding skins for a wide variety of the game’s deities. If you decide to main a new god in Smite, odds are they’ve got a skin you’ll fall in love with.

The primary way skins are acquired in Smite is with currency called Gems. This year’s Holiday Gem sale will offer players up to 33 percent off of certain Gem bundles. Currently, the only bundle not on sale is the 200 Gem bundle, since it still cost its standard price of $4.99.

  • The 400 Gem bundle is 10 percent off and will cost you $7.19
  • The 800 Gem bundle is 15 percent off and will cost you $12.74
  • The 1,500 Gem bundle is 20 percent off and will cost you $26.24
  • The 2,500 Gem bundle is 25 percent off and will cost you $26.24
  • The 3,500 Gem bundle is 30 percent off and will cost you $34.99
  • The 8,000 Gem bundle is 33 percent off and will cost you $66.99

As you can see, the more money you spend the bigger the discount. If you have a few skins you’ve been keeping an eye on, the time to buy Gems is definitely now. The holiday event will also introduce a three-times Worshippers event starting on Dec. 24, so you’ve got a reason to log in this week even if you don’t want to spend money.

You can head into Smite to check out the Holiday Gem sale right now.