Yes people speedrun Smash Bros., and you’ve got to see this new world record

Did you know that you could speedrun Smash Bros?Back when Super Smash Bros

Photo by jtjdt/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Did you know that you could speedrun Smash Bros?

Back when Super Smash Bros. Melee came out on the Gamecube, many kids would flock to the classic or adventure modes as ways of honing their skills. Nowadays, most players just grab a few friends and fight against them. Let’s face it, humans tend to be smarter and more creative than computers.

There’s still a dedicated group that try to run through classic and adventure mode in Melee as fast as possible. You may even find it being done at local tournaments.

In this case we have Japanese YouTuber keys2019, who finished adventure mode in a very quick eight minutes and 52 seconds with Dr. Mario.

Speedrunning, or the art of beating a game really really fast, has seen a bit of a renaissance. We’ve reported on stories ranging from Super Mario World, to the Ocarina of Time, to even Animal Crossing. There seems to be a collective awe when it comes to breaking a game for human advantage.

Keys2019’s speedrun of Melee’s adventure mode seemed to be incredibly spot on. It’s hard seeing anyone else take the title away from him. Then again, many believed that Metroid Prime couldn’t be beat in less than an hour, and now the current record sits at 54 minutes and 44 seconds by TRR010.