One Overwatch fan designed hero skins based on other Blizzard games

Please, Blizzard—we want all of them.

Image via Conrad Atega/Deviant Art | Used with permission

It’s not too farfetched to imagine Overwatch’s D.Va piloting a mech in StarCraft, or Torbjörn forging hammers in World of Warcraft.

Artist Conrad Atega took his imagination one step further, and drew up a bunch of potential skins that put Overwatch heroes into different Blizzard games. And Overwatch heroes really fit these roles well, despite each game having its own distinct styling.

Image via Conrad Atega | Used with permission

Atega’s Overwatch and StarCraft mashup skins put Soldier: 76 into a marine space suit, naturally, with Zenyatta as a Protoss High Templar, Widowmaker as a sniping Ghost, and D.Va in a Thor and Viking–inspired mech.

Image via Conrad Atega | Used with permission

The next round puts five heroes into Diablo. Roadhog fits naturally as The Butcher, with Reaper taking on Malthael’s look, Mercy as Auriel, Tracer as a Demon Hunter, and Zarya as a Barbarian.

Image via Conrad Atega | Used with permission

For World of Warcraft, Junkrat gets a Goblin skin, with Mei as a Pandaren fighter, Torbjörn as a Dwarf, and Pharah and Reinhardt as fiery-looking demons. Oh, and for the Genji who rushes into the fight before the team is ready, it’s Leeroy Jenji—based on the classic WoW Leeroy Jenkins meme.

Image via Conrad Atega | Used with permission

We’d be happy to open loot box after loot box in search of these World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo–inspired skins for Overwatch heroes. So could skins like these ever happen? That’s up to Blizzard. The developer isn’t hesitant to put its characters into the same worlds—ahem, Heroes of the Storm—so it’s not out of the question that we’d get some sort of mashup in the future.

Check out Atega’s work on Deviant Art for more Overwatch masterpieces.

H/T PC Gamer