Nintendo Switch Sports ranked explained

Unlock the Pro League for any sport by progressing through online play.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports will feature a competitive ranking system when the game releases on April 29. Players will be able to hone their skills on any of the six sports released at launch and advance to the Pro League. 

As players rack up victory through the online portion of the game they will have the option to go pro in any of the sports that they are advanced at. When the player has reached a certain level at a certain sport they will receive a screen that says they are certified pro meaning they can now compete in the Pro League. 

All players will start at ‘E’ rank for each of the sports. From there, players will be able to practice and hone their skills and advance through the ranks. There are a total of 12 ranks for each sport ranging from ‘E’ to ‘A’ which is the highest rank that can be achieved in each sport. All 12 ranks are as follows:

  • E
  • E+
  • D-
  • D
  • D+
  • C-
  • C
  • C+
  • B-
  • B
  • B+
  • A

To unlock the Pro League and advance through the ladder players will have to compete online against people from across the globe. This is the same premise for other video games that don’t allow for rank to be gained just through playing with friends locally.

The overview trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports showcases someone winning a match of Badminton which grants them rank. The example used shows the player who won is currently ranked ‘A’ and appears to be at the 13th tier within the ‘A’ rank. This means that online match wins will grant the winner points towards the next tier within a given rank, allowing players to climb the ladder and show off their skills to others.