Nintendo Switch breaks 111 million units sold despite sales decline

A total of 3.43 million Switch units were sold last quarter.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch continues to sell more units, despite a slight decline in sales, after it was revealed the console has now sold over 111 million units worldwide.

According to Nintendo’s latest financial results, the handheld console has now shipped 111.08 million units in total since its release. In the previous quarter, 3.43 million Switch units were sold, which was lower compared to last year’s Q2 with 4.45 million units. Nintendo claims this is because of the ongoing semiconductor shortage which has heavily affected the production of the console.

With this, the company is expecting to sell 21 million Switch units from now until March 2023. A total of 128.65 million sold units is the target for the time period. This is despite the year-on-year sales drop for the console, with Switch now being down by 22.9 percent since it was officially released in 2017. Software sales for the quarter listed a total of 863.59 million, which are also down by as much as 8.6 percent year-on-year.

Nintendo also revealed in its latest report that various recently released Switch games sold big numbers throughout the last quarter. Nintendo Switch Sports (released in April) sold 4.84 million units, while Mario Strikers: Battle League (released in June) recorded 1.91 million sold copies.

As for the company’s overall profit, Nintendo remains strong after revealing it notched a net sales total of $2.3 billion. Also, it gained $763 million from operating profit last quarter, while over $1.2 billion was raised from ordinary profit.