New characters revealed in latest Cult of the Lamb trailer

We're gonna need a bigger commune.

A bunch of animals gather in front of a lamb who's in a trance
Image via Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb will allow players to live out the dream of being a lamb in charge of a dark and mysterious cult. While this would be a hefty undertaking for one lamb alone, players will have assistance from different companions around their commune. These characters were revealed in a new Cult of the Lamb trailer released today.

According to the newest entry in the “Sermons from the Lamb: Cultish Encounters,” players are introduced to a cast of characters that all want something different. But if the player is able to help these creatures reach their goals, they will reward the player with something to enhance the cult, whether that be new members or special attributes from unique cards.

The first character introduced is Ratau, a rodent-like creature who, like the player, was once a vessel for another deity. He’ll help guide the player on their journey before retiring to your village and entertaining passersby with a game of Knucklebones.

Clauneck is a fortune teller and tarot reader who can offer the player special benefits through its cards. Players will get to choose two cards whenever they meet Clauneck, which will serve as bonuses that can help the lamb survive longer.

A small commune with animals worshipping around a statue
Image via Massive Monster

Kudai is a similar creature to Clauneck, looking like a sentient tree with swords either draped across or stabbing into his back. Kudai offers the player different weapons and curses that they can use to defend themselves from the monsters in the wilds, but players may only select one.

Helob looks to be a happy little spider who never seems to get enough to eat. Helob traps animals who are foolish enough to wander into its web and is willing to sell them to the player as new followers.

The Fisherman is a man who looks like a fish but assures everyone around him that he certainly is not. The player will be able to help him catch fish from the deepest parts of the ocean, to which he’ll reward the player with holy talisman pieces.

The lamb stands on a dock with a bug ship captain and giant fish with a riding compartment on its back
Image via Massive Monster

The trailer hints at a few more characters, including what looks like a bug-like ship captain and a small chef worm character that seems to operate a restaurant for other worms. There’s also a one-eyed fox standing above a pentagram that’s surrounded by cartoon hearts.

The player will come to rely on these characters since their different kinds of help will be the only way to grow the cult for the One Who Waits. Players will be able to meet all these characters and more when the game is released on Aug. 11.

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