More One Piece TCG details revealed, includes new movie Starter Deck

A few new product details were shared, with more to come soon.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

A new update has been pushed live for the One Piece TCG website, which includes plenty of new details about the first wave of products, other information about the game’s pre-release event that is coming to the west in September, and a new Starter Deck for a One Piece movie tie-in. 

Starting with that pre-release event on Sept. 30, players will be able to collect special versions of the first four Starter Decks, which will feature exclusive Leader Card art and a first edition gold stamp. The Starter Decks will be themed around the Straw Hat Crew, Worst Generation, The Seven Warlords of the Sea, and Animal Kingdom Pirates. 

Image via Bandai Namco

Players who register for these events can use one of those decks to compete against other players for limited edition products and prizes that won’t be available anywhere else. 

In addition to the first four Starter Decks, Bandai Namco is also teasing a special One Piece Film” edition Starter Deck. No details about this product are actually available, but it will likely be themed around One Piece Film: Red, which will release later this year. 

The first wave of One Piece TCG products will be released in winter 2022 after the pre-release concludes. They will include the normal versions of those four Starter Decks and the first Booster Pack: Romance Dawn

Romance Dawn will cost roughly $4.19 per pack, with a total of 121 cards included in the set. The structure is very similar to the Dragon Ball Super TCG, in that Leader Cards are considered their own rarity. Here is the full breakdown of rarities available in the set, which will likely be close to the norm for most products in the TCG. 

  • Eight Leader Cards
  • 45 Commons
  • 30 Uncommons
  • 26 Rares
  • 10 Super Rares
  • Two Secret Rares

We should continue to learn more about the One Piece TCG over the next several months, especially as the OCG version is set to release in Japan this July.