Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode is now available, plus more

It's time to go back.

Image via Nintendo

One of 2021’s best titles just received a new game mode. Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode is now available for free, Nintendo announced.

As the name implies, Boss Rush is all about Samus taking down the game’s bosses in quick succession. There are 12 bosses in total and Samus’ health pool carries over between each fight, making it a real challenge, especially if you’re a bit rusty.

If players are able to complete Boss Rush, another new mode called Survival Rush is unlocked. This mode features a five-minute timer for the player to take down as many bosses as possible, with each boss taken down adding to the timer.

Finally, the nigh-impossible Dread Rush mode will be accessible for players who have beaten the one-hit-kill Dread Mode. In this Rush variant, taking damage once from a boss means game over. It’s obviously only for the most hardcore of the hardcore Metroid players.

A long-awaited sequel in the franchise, Metroid Dread was released in October to universal praise for its challenging difficulties, world exploration, and satisfying feeling of progression, marking it as one of the best titles in the series in many opinions.

Metroid Dread is available now on Nintendo Switch.