Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date set, features Spider-Man, Venom, Hulk, and more

The tactical role-playing game is reimaging the way characters from Marvel will interact.

Screengrab via 2K Games

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is bringing characters from various comics together for a mystical tactical role-playing game action to consoles and PC.

In a new trailer shown during Summer Game Fest, not only did Spider-Man make an appearance as what looks to be a usable character, but demonized “Fallen” versions of Venom, Scarlet Witch, Sabretooth, and Hulk were shown off as aiding the main villain, Lilith, Mother of Demons. 

These demonized characters appeared at the end of the trailer in a faceoff with some of the previously revealed heroes that players will use in the game when it is released on Oct. 7.

Midnight Suns takes the tactical RPG format and adds deck-building-style combat to it that will have each character using unique abilities to combat a variety of enemies. Players will also be able to talk with characters outside of combat to build relationships with the other heroes and villains working alongside them, with everything tied to a mortality system. 

Players will take the role of The Hunter as heroes from across Marvel comics come together to battle Lilith after she is revived by Hydra and is working to revive her master Chthon. The story and gameplay will allow players to experience a darker side of Marvel. 

The game will release for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can pre-order the game now on all platforms now in multiple versions, all of which give players different bonuses. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be coming at a later date.