Kirby and the Forgotten Land new trailer, free demo available

Have a little taste of what's coming.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory released a new trailer and a free demo version of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which will fully arrive on March 25.

The trailer comes from Nintendo UK’s official YouTube account and shows players what they can expect from the full release. Kirby will need to travel through cities, beaches, deserts, and more while using different Copy Abilities that can be upgraded later for more power and new visuals. The Waddle Dee Town certainly will be an important part of the game, growing with each Waddle Dee rescued and opening more activities to players, such as shopping, mini-games, fishing, and even an arena-like mode.

Those who can’t wait to try the new game can already download the demo version through Nintendo Switch eShop for free and experience the beginning of the gameplay. This includes the introductory cutscene and the first three levels, which end with the first boss fight.

The demo version can be played solo or with a local co-op and asks players about the difficulty level they want to play. The game really brings the feeling of older Kirby’s games, with a lot of adorable creatures and moments on your adventure. Players can also try the new Mouthful Mode on some different objects to solve the puzzles to advance in the story.

The co-op mode looks brilliant to parents playing with their children as the second player comes in the form of the Bandana Waddle Dee with his spear to make different attacks and help out Kirby on his adventure. But the lack of a different color Kirby means the second player cant use the Copy Abilities nor the mouthful mode, although when Kirby transforms itself on the Car Mouth, the Bandana Waddle Dee stands on his back throwing spears forward. The second player, in general, really looks like a support more than a second protagonist.

After playing all levels in the demo version, players will be rewarded with a code that gives some freebies on the fully released game and opens the option to replay the same levels with an upgraded version of the Copy Abilities obtained on them. And again, if players replay some stage they will earn a second code for even more freebies on the full version.

You can download and try out the demo version of the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land through Nintendo Switch eShop. The full release is set for March 25.