Is Gran Turismo 7 on Game Pass?

No dice.

Screengrab via Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo 7 has officially released as of March 4, 2022, a full 25 years since the first Gran Turismo released for the original PlayStation in 1997.

The original featured 140 cars to race on 11 different tracks, with the series increasing both figures with each release, peaking with Gran Turismo 6‘s eventual 1,247 cars and 100 tracks. At launch, GT7 features over 420 cars and over 90 tracks, and it’s the first of the series to take advantage of the next-gen technology of the PlayStation 5.

But can fans of the other premier next-gen console, the Xbox Series X/S, enjoy the iconic racing sim via their rapidly increasing subscription service?

Is Gran Turismo 7 on Game Pass?

Unfortunately for fans on Xbox, GT7 on is not on Game Pass for either the PC or Xbox version. PC and Xbox players aren’t able to play the game at all in fact, since the Gran Turismo series has been a PlayStation exclusive since its launch in 1997.

For racing sim fans, the primary series for Xbox players has always been the Forza series since Forza Motorsport first released in 2005. The Forza games have been split between two series: the “professional-style track racing” Motorsport series, and the open world, over-the-top Horizon series. The entire Forza series, including the most recent Forza Horizon 5, is on Game Pass.

Other racing titles like Dirt, Burnout, and Need for Speed are included on Game Pass.