Is Gran Turismo 7 down? Here’s how to check

The servers can't handle all the speed.

Screengrab via Polyphony Digital

All multiplayer games rely on servers to host players and allow them to have a smooth gaming session. While older titles will have a better idea of their needs when it comes to servers, new releases will often struggle to estimate the demand.

When servers start crumbling under pressure, they tend to go down, causing players to experience lag or prevent them from logging into the game. If you can’t access Gran Turismo 7’s online services even when your connection is working correctly, chances are the game’s servers may be down.

Before you start trying troubleshooting methods for your home connection, you should check in with the servers to make sure you don’t waste any time trying to solve something that can only be fixed by the developers.

How to check Gran Turismo 7′s server status

Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t have its own server status webpage, but considering it’s a Sony title, players can check out PlayStation Network’s server status before moving onto other methods.

Navigate to this PlayStation website and choose your region to see if Sony’s servers operate properly.

Alternatively, you can also check out Down Detector, a website that relies on community feedback to detect outages. Whenever there’s a global outage, players will rush into similar websites to check in with other community members. Community hubs, like Reddit, can also be decent information sources at times like these since there will be lots of players creating threads to find out if they’re the only ones affected by the situation.

During the downtime, players can keep an eye on Gran Turismo’s social media channels to hop back into the game as soon as the servers are back.