Is Ashes of Creation down? How to check the server status of Ashes of creation

The servers may or may not be in ashes.

Screengrab via Intrepid Studios

Online games look like they never sleep since they tend to be up and running most of the time. Though game developers try to schedule server maintenance whenever a decent portion of their player base is asleep, there can be times where the servers go offline due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Patches filled with new content can introduce new players to the game while rekindling the love in players’ hearts who’ve taken a break. When that’s the case the servers may not be able to handle the load and go down. No game is immune to this and Ashes of Creation isn’t an exception.

Aside from overloading the servers can also be down due to local outages in where they’re located, leaving players wondering when they’d be able to log back into Ashes of Creation. When the servers are down, you won’t be able to log into the game, which can even make you question if something’s wrong with your home connection.

Here’s how you can find out about Ashes of Creation’s server status.

Check out the official sources

Nowadays, most developers host their own websites to highlight the server status of their game. Ashes of Creation is one of them and you can check how the servers are doing through here.

Once you load into the webpage, the current status of the servers will be on the top while you’ll also be able to check out past incidents. You can also take a look at web services’ statuses which can be crucial at times. Even if the main servers are operating well, account services going down can cause other errors to appear.

Alternatively, you can also check out the social media channels of Ashes of Creation. When there are scheduled maintenances or outages that are affecting the majority of the player base, Intrepid Studios keeps the players up-to-date through various status updates.

Following the game’s social media channels will also allow you to keep up with all the other events and Ashes of Creation related content.

Visit community hubs

If the servers are down, fans who are as passionate as you about Ashes of Creation will be the first ones to report the problem. Community hubs like Reddit will be the first stop of such players and there should be multiple threads popping up whenever there’s an error that prevents players from logging into Ashes of Creation.

In rare cases where there are alternative solution methods to fix errors that prevent players from logging into the game, you’ll also be able to find solutions since players tend to share fixes that work for them.

When the servers are fine, but you’re still unable to log into the game and there aren’t any users reporting an outage, you can also be the first one to start a discussion. Other players or community managers can help you get back into Ashes of Creation as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a more official source, Ashes of Creation’s official forums can be your next stop. You’ll need to register for an account before you can post, however, which doesn’t take longer than a few minutes. Community managers and Intrepid Studio officials are also more likely to reply on the official forums, it’ll be a better place to get answers right from the source.

What if the servers are up and you still can’t log into Ashes of Creation?

When servers are working just fine, but you still can’t seem to get into Ashes of Creation, you may need to try out a few troubleshooting steps.

You can start off by troubleshooting your home network. Reset your router and PC to potentially fix internet service provider (ISP) and software related hiccups. A better way will be through trying out a completely different connection. Using your phone’s hotspot feature will be the perfect way to do this, but try not to download any large patches to preserve your mobile data plan. 

If you’re able to log into Ashes of Creation with your cellular data, you’ll need to call your ISP and see whether they can detect anything on their hand. ISP personnel will have access to all the diagnostic data on your network and will be able to see if there’s anything on their hand that’s causing you to have connectivity problems.

When the servers are down, you’ll have no choice but to wait for Intrepid Studios to roll out a fix. After the servers are back online, the news will spread like wildfire on social media or the official forums of Ashes of Creation. You could also try to get into the game over and over again, but that can turn into a waste of time in cases where it takes more than a few hours for servers to get back online.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to scratch the Ashes of Creation itch that you had before you were trying to log into the game, you can spend the downtime studying the game through guides and written content which will help you get better at the game. You can test out all the new tricks and tips you’ve learned over this period when you log back into the game and repeat the process whenever you want to play but can’t log into the servers.