How to win as a survivor in Evil Dead: The Game

You'll get the hang of it.

Screengrab via Saber Interactive

When you first load into Evil Dead: The Game it might feel like you can get away with fully trusting your instincts. Years of watching horror movies will come in quite handy, but you need to get used to a set of mechanics if you’re looking to win more games than you lose.

If you’re playing as a survivor, you’ll need to make the best of your resources. While you’ll gain the most experience by playing the game, you can speed up your learning process with the following tips.

Fear management

Managing your fear will be one of your main priorities as a survivor in Evil Dead: The Game. The fear gauge is located near your health bar on the bottom left of your screen. This bar will fill due to various in-game elements throughout a match, and you should make sure that it doesn’t increase enough to create a problem.

When the fear gauge completely fills, you’ll start giving away your position. Though this sounds like a negative, it can also be used to your advantage. You can purposely fill your gauge to draw attention to yourself while your teammates perform other tasks.

Master the art of dodging

Even if you’re fighting low-level enemies, learning how to dodge attacks effectively can allow you to preserve a decent portion of your health bar. Though your health may look separable in the earlier stages of the game, you may find yourself wishing you didn’t charge into too many fights in the early game.

The early game fights may last slightly longer if you prioritize dodging over attacking, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Stick to your team

Most new players prefer venturing around the map on their own. While you can survive for a couple of minutes, you’ll be an easy target by yourself. It’s generally better to stay together with your teammates in the earlier stages of the game since you’ll need that extra level of safety in case someone gets attacked.

If you hear a teammate struggling, don’t hesitate to help them. An early small win can help you snowball throughout the rest of the match.

While moving together, communicating with your team will be important. Make sure to use the map and the ping system so you can stay on the same page with your team.

Take advantage of finishers

The animation duration for finishers may make some players hesitate to use them. In addition to taking down your enemies in the coolest way possible, finishers also offer a unique opportunity to players.

During a finisher, players can’t be interrupted. This means if you decide to use a finisher in a heated battle, you won’t take any damage from other enemies. Just as one of the stronger enemies is about to hit you, you can queue in a finisher, and the hit won’t affect you at all.

Find the right survivor for your playstyle

There’s a survivor for everyone in Evil Dead, and you’ll just need to find yourself. The best way to decide on your favorite survivor will be by playing them all. Take all survivors for a spin and pick your favorite one. Once you decide, you can focus on leveling them up after each match with skill points.

Don’t linger while looting

Staying in one place for too long can get you in trouble. Unless you have a plan, you should constantly move while looting.

Considering you’ll also need to hit the objectives in a timely manner, looting in a direction that gets you closer to your first objective will often be the best choice.