How to watch EA’s tribute to the Madden Jacksonville shooting victims

EA is hosting an event to commemorate the victims of a shooting at a Madden tournament.

Image via Electronic Arts

The tragic shooting that occurred two weeks ago at a Madden tournament held in Jacksonville, Florida rocked the esports world to the core.

The remaining qualifying events in the Madden series were cancelled as fans and players grappled to come to terms with the senseless tragedy. Tonight, the community will come together in what could be the first step towards healing.

Electronic Arts, the publisher of Madden, is hosting a livestream to commemorate the victims of the shooting, which claimed the lives of Madden players Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton and wounded nearly a dozen more.

The stream will take place today from 4pm to 5:30pm CT and will feature tributes to the fallen players and explore community reaction and events in the aftermath of the Jacksonville tragedy. The stream will be hosted by well-known Madden personalities, including Scott Cole, Rico Williams, Adrienne Lawrence, and Dave Grunfeld.

The event will presumably draw attention to the Jacksonville Tribute Fund, which EA started and pledged $1 million to. The Fund will disburse 100 percent of donations to the victims and families affected by the shooting. The stream will also spotlight other community fundraising efforts.

The stream will be available on the following platforms:

Hopefully this event will allow members of the Madden and esports community to bond over their shared love of gaming and celebrate the lives of those who invested so much into the scene.