How to upgrade to tools in My Time at Sandrock

Smashing salvage should be a lot easier with upgraded tools.

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While traversing the Sandrock map, players might run into a shaking icon that tells players they don’t have the right tool to mine that resource. The first upgrade players will run into in My Time at Sandrock is a set of bronze tools.

Players are walked through crafting stone tools, but when it’s time to upgrade to bronze tools, there isn’t so much of an introduction. You’ll need to gather up all of the raw materials you need and bring them to your workshop in order to craft the bronze Pickhammer and the bronze Axe.

Bronze Pickhammer and Bronze Axe

In order to make the bronze Pickhammer and Axe, head to the worktable and look at the resources you will need to make the tool. You don’t need an upgraded worktable to make the bronze Pickhammer and Axe, but you will need some machines in order to craft the ingredients.

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients and what you’ll need to get them.

  • Four bronze bars – Smelted in a furnace from copper ore and tin ore or brought from Hammer Time shop. Copper and tin ore can be mined out of the Eufaula Salvage Ruins.
  • Two wooden stick – made at the worktable from three wood.
  • Two copper screw – Made from a grinder, or purchased from Hammer Time.
  • One sharpening stone – Can only be purchased from Hammer Time.
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Once you have all of the ingredients, bring them to the worktable and you’ll be able to craft the bronze Pickhammer. You can then smash bigger rocks and you will also get some more benefits such as a chance to return stamina every time stamina is consumed. The Pickhammer can be upgraded using the refiner.

Upgrading to the iron Pickhammer and Axe

Once you’ve had a bit of time with the bronze Pickhammer and Axe, you’ll want to go on to craft the iron versions. These materials may take some time to get, and crafting them also requires an intermediate worktable.

The iron tools require steel bars, which consists of iron ore, graphite, and dinas. The iron ore and graphite can be found in the second abandoned ruins, and dinas can be found by mining the dirt in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins or by dusting off sand from your machines.

Screengrab via Pathea

You will need a civil furnace in order to smelt steel bars, but you can also find steel bars in iron scrap, which will be the easiest way to find it before you’ve unlocked the second ruins. You will need a civil recycler in order to sift through the scrap for a chance at finding a steel bar.

Once you have four steel bars, you’ll need a hardwood stick which is crafted from the processor with hard wood. You’ll need two of those and two sharpening stones in order to craft the iron tools.

In early access, those are the only two upgrades My Time at Sandrock players can use for their tools. This guide will be updated as new tools are able to be crafted.