How to solve Wordle: 5 letter words with ‘UA’ in the middle

An uncommon vowel pairing

Screengrab via New York Times

Vowels can be one of the trickiest aspects of Wordle. Either players can’t find where they go in the word or they can’t determine which vowels to guess. One of the biggest conundrums a Wordle player can find themselves in is having two vowels back-to-back and having to guess a word centered around that structure. “UA” is one of the tougher vowel combinations that players can come across in Wordle.

There aren’t a ton of five-letter words that have “UA” in the middle, making it both easy and difficult to try and guess the Wordle. If players know words with those letters in succession, then they should have no problem throwing out some guesses. However, if players don’t know many words like that, then they could be in trouble.

For the latter crowd, we’ve listed some of the most popular five-letter words with “UA” in the middle.

  • aquae
  • aquas
  • atuas
  • buats
  • buaze
  • douar
  • duads
  • duals
  • duans
  • duars
  • equal
  • feuar
  • fouat
  • guaco
  • guana
  • guano
  • guans
  • guard
  • guars
  • guava
  • joual
  • lauan
  • luach
  • luaus
  • pauas
  • quack
  • quads
  • quaff
  • quags
  • quail
  • quair
  • quais
  • quake
  • quaky
  • quale
  • qualm
  • quant
  • quare
  • quark
  • quart
  • quash
  • quasi
  • quass
  • quate
  • quats
  • quayd
  • quays
  • ruana
  • skuas
  • squab
  • squad
  • squat
  • squaw
  • suave
  • tuans
  • tuart
  • tuath
  • usual
  • yuans

While there are quite a few words to choose from here, players have to remember that Wordle mainly uses commonly-said words over less common words. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if players have heard of the word before, they should try that before going with a word they’ve never heard of.

Also, the Wordle will not be a plural form of a word, meaning any word that has an “s” at the end to make it plural will not be the day’s Wordle. Although, we’ve still included those words in the list so players can use them as guesses to test out different letters.

The main reason why there are so many words with “UA” in the middle is that the position of the letters is different. “UA” can be the second and third letters or the third and fourth letters of a five-letter word. If players know their Wordle has a “UA” in a certain position, they can immediately eliminate around half of this list and just focus on the words that match their Wordle structure.

All of these words are ones that Wordle will accept, so players should be cautious about typing any one of them in and then pressing “Enter.”