How to scan your face in NBA 2K22

It's truly YourPlayer.

Image via 2K Games

NBA 2K22 is finally here and it’s time for fans to switch over to the new title from the previous one. Alongside roster updates and quality-of-life changes, new adventures await players in the form of MyPlayer and The City mode.

While some players will enjoy jumping right into the action, others may prefer taking their time while creating their characters. Customizing a character can take hours, especially if you’re trying hard to base your character on yourself.

There’s a way that you can fast-forward this process, however. Like previous titles, NBA 2K22 allows players to scan their faces, making their characters look just like how they look in real life. The system can’t produce one-to-one replicas, but it can be impressively accurate at times.

If you’re looking to scan your face and make your character in NBA 2K22 look like you, have a device that can download the MyNBA 2K22 app. As of writing this article, the app hasn’t become available in Google Play or Apple App stores, but it’s likely to appear in a few days after it goes through the usual approval stages.

Once you download the app, launch it and log in with your PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, or Nintendo details. Look for the Face Scan tab on the home screen and tap on it. You’ll be prompted with a set of terms and conditions that you’ll need to accept to continue the process.

Follow the guidelines that’ll appear on your screen. The app will require you to scan your face from different angles and the whole process takes less than a minute. After you’re done scanning your face, you’ll be able to upload the results to 2K’s servers.

When you successfully upload the scan, head back to NBA 2K22 and return to the player creation page. The scanned version of your face should appear there. If you can’t see your face in NBA 2K22 after using the app, you may need to re-do the scanning process, but make sure that you have a stable internet connection while uploading it to the servers.