How to Prestige Survivors and Killers in Dead by Daylight

Level 50 or bust.

Dead by Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive Inc.

The core progression method in Dead by Daylight involves leveling up Survivors and Killers and unlocking new perks and add-ons using Bloodpoints. Once players reach level 50, they have the option to Prestige in Dead by Daylight.

What it means to Prestige

When a player Prestiges a Survivor or Killer, they reset the character back to level one, unlocking a cosmetic that is a bloodied version of the character’s costume for each Prestige rank. Additionally, players lose all perks, items, add-ons, and offerings, though their teachable perks remain available in other characters’ Bloodwebs. Players can Prestige each character up to three times in Dead by Daylight, unlocking all three exclusive cosmetic set pieces. Prestiging is represented with a skull icon overlaid with the Roman numerals one, two, or three.

The specific effects prestiging has on a character’s progression are:

  • Resets the character to level one.
  • Unlocks one of three blood-stained accessories for the character (Killer and Survivor alike).
  • Resets the Bloodweb and character’s loadouts.
  • Destroys all unlockables, including consumables and add-ons.
  • Relocks thesecond, third, and fourth perk slots.

After reaching level 50, a small gem will appear in the middle of the Bloodweb. Clicking the gem will Prestige said character, losing any unused items, add-ons, and offerings, and resetting to level one—essentially starting from scratch. Players can find a bloodied version of the character’s default clothing top in that character’s inventory. A second Prestige unlocks the bloodied version of their pants, while the third and final Prestige unlocks a bloodied face.

Is it important to Prestige?

Along with unlocking bloody cosmetic clothing pieces, increasing your Prestige Level (to one, two, and three) theoretically has increased odds when discovering rarer items in the Bloodweb. That said, there is contention about its effectiveness in the community.

Increasing a character’s Prestige Level in Dead by Daylight increases the chances of spawning Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare items in their Bloodweb for each level. The multipliers in the game files likely apply to the base chance, and will not give players a flat increase. Even 20 percent of an Ultra Rare chance, for instance, can feel negligible.

  • Prestige I: 10-percent chance increase (likely applied to the base chance) for Rare items to spawn.
  • Prestige II: 20-percent chance increase for Rare items and 10-percent chance increase for Very Rare items to spawn. These seemingly apply to their base rates.
  • Prestige III: 30 percent chance increase for Rare, 20 percent chance increase for Very Rare, and 10 percent chance increase for Ultra Rare items to spawn. These likelt multiply the base spawn chance.

Given those numbers, the main use of prestiging is that it unlocks character-based achievements, cosmetics, and trophies to show off to fellow players. It also lets players redo their path through the Bloodweb on their favorite characters, giving them more goals to aim for.

How to Prestige quickly

To Prestige, players need to grind their character up to level 50. This means spending earned Bloodpoints on perks, items, add-ons, and offerings for the specific character in question. Reaching level 50 isn’t easy—especially the grind between level 40 and level 50, when items in the Bloodweb become much more costly. Prestiging a character requires a large amount of Bloodpoints, so any methods to quickly grind out those resources will help players get there faster.

To Prestige or not to Prestige

After reaching level 50 with a character, players should think carefully before clicking the Prestige gem. That’s because level 50 Survivors and Killers have the highest potential to earn Bloodpoints. Earned Bloodpoints can be used on any other character, regardless of which character acquires them. Since they rely on match performance and specific perks and add-ons can boost Bloodpoint gain, it’s not a bad idea to keep a level 50 character and use them to farm Bloodpoints for the purpose of leveling up other characters—especially the more skilled you become with that character.