How to play Phasmophobia on Mac

With a little help, the Mac can do what a PC can do

Image via Kinetic Games

In Phasmophobia, up to four players take on the roles of ghost hunters and must discover what kind of spirit haunts a location. The investigation into paranormal activity can quickly go wrong as ghosts turn violent using various tools. The developer, Kinetic Games, consistently updates Phasmophobia with new maps and content. Phasmophobia has become very popular and is a go-to for streamers to play with friends.

Phasmophobia is very different from other ghost games because it doesn’t focus on death and jumpscares but on a creepy atmosphere and getting to know the ghost. Currently, Phasmophobia is only available on Steam and compatible with PCs. Mac users would typically be unable to play the game, but there are several ways you can play it if you own an Apple device.

No method can perfectly emulate a Windows device, so keep that in mind. You will sometimes experience skipping, lag, and glitches since you are running an operating system without that system. Nonetheless, there are three main methods.

Cloud service

It is the easiest way to do this, plus it gives players a remote way to play any game they want for a small monthly or annual fee. GeoForce Now is an option, but we prefer something that emulates PCs without any limit on the games you can play. With Shadow, you get your own server to use remotely for only a monthly fee.

You can sign up at their website, and once your server is set up, you can access it immediately and download games and services using about 256GB. Any Mac can use it, just make sure you have a higher speed internet.

Boot camp

Using Boot Camp is only recommended for experienced users. You will probably only be able to do this if you have a 2015 or later Mac laptop or computer, as Mac has not moved their Bootcamp service onto newer models.

Boot Camp is not the service you want to use if you are careful about your storage space. Basically, it allocates a hard drive for Windows, and you install it as you would any other download. Whenever it asks for a product key, you put that you don’t have one and then you can use your Windows side to play Steam games.

Parallels Virtual Machine

You would normally use Parallels Virtual Machine if Boot Camp isn’t available on your Mac. Unfortunately, there is a yearly fee for this, so it’s like you’re paying for a year to do what Boot Camp does, which isn’t ideal.

There isn’t another option but to pay if you can’t use Boot Camp, so you’re essentially deciding to double down on Parallels Virtual Machine or use a cloud service.