How to make and use Stone Dust in V Rising

Everything starts with a brick.

Image via Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios’ open-world strategy game V Rising took its place on Steam as an early access title. Players will set out on a journey to build their vampire castle and they’ll need a decent amount of Stone Dust to get themselves off to a good start.

Throughout the initial stages of the game, players are likely to gather some Stone Dust, which will be enough when they first find a use for the material. You may run out of Stone Dust earlier than you think, however, meaning you’ll need to find a way to gather more of it.

How can you make/craft Stone Dust in V Rising?

To make your own Stone Dust in V Rising, you’ll need to have a Grinder ready. You can find the Grinder under the Production and Refinement section of the Build menu. You must have four Whetstones, four Copper Ingots, and eight Planks to complete a Grinder. If you don’t have any Planks and Copper Ingots, you’ll also need to build a Furnace and a Sawmill.

Once you’re all set, you’ll just need to place Raw Stone into the Grinder to craft Stone Dust. Making a Stone Brick and a Stone Dust requires 12 Raw Stones, so it may be a decent idea to bag as many Raw Stones as possible while you’re on adventures.

Making Stone Dust is a long process compared to other craftable items, but it’s an essential part of the game that will speed up your development.