How to fix the network status check failed error in Elden Ring

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The number of players that games attract close to their release correlates with the level of hype generated. Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated games set to release in the first quarter of 2022, which also happened to have a side effect of server errors.

The network status check failed error generally shows up when the servers are overloaded and having a hard time keeping up with the demand. These errors can prevent players from logging in to Elden Ring while kicking out players in the middle of their adventures.

If you receive the network status check failed error in Elden Ring, you’ll need to wait for the developers to roll out a fix since it’ll likely be tied to the servers. In rare cases, the errors can also appear due to outages with your home network, which you can troubleshoot by completing the steps below.

Check Elden Ring’s server status

Before you try out a fix, you should check out how Elden Ring’s servers are doing. If the servers are down, troubleshooting methods won’t be effective since you’ll need to wait for the developers to roll out a fix.

Check out Elden Ring’s official Twitter. The developers update fans through social media channels whenever there’s a widespread error affecting the majority of the player base.

Whenever an error first starts showing its face to the player base, community members respond the fastest in most cases, making community hubs, like Reddit, an alternative source to check for server errors.

Restart your router

If the servers are doing fine, you’ll need to ensure that your home network is in top shape. One of the fastest and simplest ways to accomplish that will be resetting your router.

Whenever you reset your router, you get assigned a different route between yourself and your internet service provider (ISP), which does the same for your connection route to Elden Ring’s servers.

A router reset will be able to fix the network status check failed error in cases where there was a routing issue.

Switch your DNS addresses

Like a game’s servers, DNS addresses can also go down from time to time. Most players use the default DNS addresses of their ISP and switching to a more known DNS address will be enough to troubleshoot your existing DNS address.

Google and OpenDNS are two of the most preferred DNS services and their services hardly go down, making them decent candidates to try out.

Try out a different network

The most effective way to troubleshoot your home network will be through testing a completely new one.

Turn on the mobile hotspot feature of your phone and share your cellular data with your gaming device. If you can log in to Elden Ring with your mobile data while your home network struggles, you’ll need to call your ISP so they can check what may be going wrong with your connection.