How to fix the ‘Connection Lost’ error in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You likely can't deal with it on your SHiFT.

Image via Gearbox Software

Launch days for most games that feature online elements tend to involve at least a few issues, specifically when it comes to multiplayer and online connectivity. This has proven true for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, as players attempting to enjoy their time with the Borderlands spinoff have encountered several problems. 

The most common issue players have experienced is a “Connection Lost” error message that pops up and notifies them that their online session is likely experiencing at least a few problems. 

This error specifically ties into SHiFT, which is a program developed by Gearbox Software that rewards fans with additional in-game content through the use of code and item redemption. It is also the main program used to enable matchmaking and crossplay within Gearbox’s games, so when it goes down, most multiplayer functionality goes down with it. 

Unfortunately, outside of checking your own internet connection and restarting the game, you likely won’t be able to fix the Connection Lost error if it specifically deals with SHiFT.

If the error is consistently popping up, all you can really do is monitor the situation regarding SHiFT servers, which Gearbox makes easy using a dedicated Twitter account that updates players on those details. Whenever a problem is discovered or fixed, the SHiFT Status page will post about it. 

This means you will need to wait until the servers are fixed and Gearbox gives the green light that no errors are impacting online performance anymore.