How to fix the black screen in Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS5

Well, it's technically a new release.

Image via Rockstar Games

GTA V extends its lifecycle to yet another generation of consoles as it recently became available on PlayStation 5. Players will have GTA V to enjoy as the sixth iteration of the franchise is still under development, but errors can give players a difficult time while launching the game.

Soon after the release, players encountered a black screen error that prevented them from logging into the game. Considering the error practically crashes the game and causes players to see a black screen, its origins are currently unknown.

While the ultimate fix will be to wait for Rockstar Games to roll out a fix, there are a few methods players can try out to fix the black screen error.

Restart GTA V

It may sound simple, but a restart can quickly get you back into the game if your first time receiving the black screen error was just due to bad luck.

When you restart GTA V, you may also start downloading a patch that can feature a fix or the error. Such fixes often roll out with small patches in terms of their file size and will require players to relog into the game.

Restart your PS5

If restarting GTA V doesn’t work, your second best option will be to restart your PS5. Once your PS5 launches again, try starting GTA V before interacting with any other menu items.

Wait for Rockstar Games to fix the error

Such widespread errors often require permanent fixes that the developers can only deploy. These fixes usually roll out within a couple of hours since most of the player base will be waiting for a fix to continue enjoying GTA V