How to fix error code 2002g in Battlefield 2042

It's just the launch jitters.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 is now available to fans who pre-ordered the game and it’s also getting ready for its full release on Nov. 19.

Though titles like Battlefield 2042 go through stages of quality assurance, launch periods can cause more errors to appear due to the high number of players eager to test out the game.

Some Battlefield 2042 players have reported the error code 2002g on the official forums and community hubs like Reddit. The error code reads “unable to load Persistence Data” in most cases, and it seems to be due to a server-related error on EA’s side.

EA_Atk, a community manager, already acknowledged the error on the official forums and said the developers are working on a fix. While you’ll have to wait for the ultimate fix, there are still a couple of troubleshooting methods that can allow players to bypass the error code 2002g.

Keep up with the devs

The devs are working on a fix for this error and they’ll be updating this Twitter post once a fix is ready. Once they fix the error, you should be able to get back into the game without applying any of the troubleshooting steps below.

Launch the game directly through Origin

Even if players launch Battlefield 2042 through Steam or EA, Battlefield 2042 still opens through Origin. Though there shouldn’t be a difference, there have been players reporting that they could fix the 2002g error in Battlefield 2042 by launching the game directly on Origin.

Disable crossplay

Disabling crossplay is another fix that a community member suggested. While the origins of the error are relatively unknown, there’s a chance that it may have something to do with the game’s multiplayer features.

Disabling crossplay can reduce the overall connection issues for some players and allow them to fix the 2002g error.

Try restarting Battlefield 2042 and your router

Considering the error code 2002g appears whenever there’s a connectivity issue, players can also try restarting their router alongside Battlefield 2042.

After restarting your router, try launching Battlefield 2042 right away to see if the error code is gone. If it’s still there, you can still try reconnecting over and over again, but you’ll need to wait for a fix to roll out to get rid of this error completely.