How to find and use Hefty Beast Bones in Elden Ring

It's time to go hunting.

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Hefty Beast Bones are a crafting material that can be used to make a multitude of helpful items in Elden Ring. The tooltip describes them as “thick, solid beast bones” that can be acquired by “hunting particularly large beasts.”

If you’re in need of some Hefty Beast Bones, here’s where to find them.

Where to find Hefty Beast Bones in Elden Ring

The fastest way to gather large quantities of Hefty Beast Bones is by farming them from Boars and Bears. You’ve probably already encountered the former: they can be found in any forested area in the Limgrave zone in Elden Ring.

Bears, on the other hand, can only be found in Mistwood in Limgrave and in the Altus Plateau. Mistwood is in the eastern part of Limgrave and is easy to reach regardless of how far into the story you’ve progressed. Be careful with the dangerous Lesser Runebears that can be found in this forest, however. Meanwhile, the Altus Plateau is to the north of Liurnia of the Lakes, meaning you’ll have to defeat two unskippable bosses before you can access this location. Hefty Beast Bones also have a chance to drop off Rats in the sewers of Leyndell, Royal Capital.

If you’d prefer to avoid any killing while acquiring Hefty Beast Bones, there are also a couple of spots you can get them by looting a corpse. Ten can be taken from a corpse in the Highway Lookout Tower and four can be found on a body in the Shaded Castle in the Altus Plateau.

How to use Hefty Beast Bone

After gathering Hefty Beast Bones, you’ll probably want to know what you can do with them. The bones can be used to craft five different items in Elden Ring: Exalted Flesh, Beastlure Pot, Bone Great Arrow, Bone Great Arrow (Fletched), and Bone Ballista Bolt. Exalted Flesh gives a temporary boost to physical attack when consumed and the Beastlure Pot can be thrown to create a red shadow that lures beast creatures to it. The last three items are variations of normal Great Arrows and Ballista Bolts that do slightly less damage and have a shorter range.

To make these items, you must first acquire a Crafting Kit. The easiest way is to purchase one from Merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave for 300 Runes. You’ll need the Armorer’s Cookbook to make Exalted Flesh or the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook to craft any of the other items. You’ll also need additional materials to make some of these items. Here are the recipes for each of them:

  • Exalted Flesh: Five Rowa Fruit, one Lump of Flesh, one Arteria Leaf, and one Hefty Beast Bone.
  • Beastlure Pot: One Beast Blood and two Hefty Beast Bone.
  • Five Bone Great Arrow: One Hefty Beast Bone.
  • Five Bone Great Arrow (Fletched): One Flight Pinion and one Hefty Beast Bone.
  • Five Bone Ballista Bolt: One Hefty Beast Bone.