How to find and use Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Get ready for a challenge.

Image via Iron Gate

In Valheim, players will embark on an exciting and dangerous adventure as they fight bosses and improve their gear with new materials. Each step of the journey takes players to new biomes where unique enemies and treasures await. Understanding how to find the materials needed to advance your progress is essential, but the process isn’t always clear. 

One of the toughest items to find in Valheim is Dragon Eggs, which are needed to summon Moder, Valheim’s fourth boss. While Dragon Eggs are tough to find, exploring the mountains with a group of friends is always exciting. There are also a few steps you can take to make your journey into the mountains easier and less dangerous.

Here’s a breakdown of how you should prepare for your journey into the mountain biome, how to find Dragon Eggs, and what to do with them. 

How to find Dragons Eggs in Valheim

Dragon Eggs spawn in mountain biomes, which are one of the most dangerous locations in Valheim. These elevated areas inflict the freezing debuff, slowly chipping away at the health of unprepared players. 

Before entering a mountain biome, make sure you have the proper potion or armor to avoid freezing to death. The frost resistance mead negates the freezing debuff for 10 minutes, giving you time to explore the area. But Dragon Eggs are tough to find, so make sure to have plenty of these potions in stock. 

You’ll need a cauldron and fermenter to make the frost resistance potions. These items are excellent additions to any base and introduce several useful craftable items alongside the frost potions. 

The other option to avoid freezing to death is wolf armor. Wild wolves roam the mountain biomes and present another dangerous obstacle in these frozen areas. These furry creatures drop wolf pets when killed, which allows you to create wolf armor. These armor pieces negate the freezing debuff and allow you to roam the mountains freely. You can also tame wolves to become your trusty companion, so consider this option if you want a pet. 

Now that you have prevented your character from freezing to death, it’s time to find the precious Dragon Eggs. Dragon Eggs spawn among the mountain peaks near glowing blue rocks. These rocks are easier to spot at night and aren’t typically located in open areas. Between the rocks, there will be a Dragon Egg that also gives off a faint purple glow. Sometimes, drakes defend the areas around the Dragon Eggs, so always be ready for a fight. 

Another important factor to consider is the weight of the Dragon Eggs. Each egg has a weight of 200 and takes up a considerable amount of your inventory space. The base carry weight for players is 300, meaning the eggs take up two-thirds of the default carrying capacity. Players can purchase the Megingjord belt from Haldor the trader to increase their carrying capacity to 450, but it’s still best to pack light when searching for eggs. 

If you were planning on building a teleporter near the eggs, you’re sadly out of luck. Dragon Eggs can’t be teleported, just like ores and metal bars, meaning you’ll have to carry them down the mountain yourself. But a team of players can explore the mountain and work together to get it back down safely. Finding Dragon Eggs is just the first part of summoning Moder, however. 

How to use the Dragon Eggs

To summon Moder, you need three Dragon Eggs and must place them at Moder’s summoning location. This means that three eggs need to be brought to the summoning stone by hand, which can be a difficult process. But remember that you can play smarter, not harder. 

Moder’s summoning location is always located in a mountain biome, so make sure to comb the surrounding area for Dragon Eggs. This will save you a lot of time in transporting the eggs. Dragon Eggs do respawn after eight real-world hours, so solo players could repeatedly collect the egg from the same spot as needed. 

Finding three eggs can be difficult and players will likely need to visit multiple mountain biomes to find enough to summon Moder. If you haven’t learned to sail a boat at this point in Valheim, this is an excellent point to start. Sailing significantly cuts down travel time and allows players to explore the map safely along the shoreline. Mark every mountain biome you come across on your map and mark the spot for future exploration.