How to drag click — Drag Clicking Explained

What a drag.

Image via Roccat GmbH

Drag clicking is a way to perform multiple clicks on a mouse without the energy or effort of clicking very fast. It only takes one motion of your finger to create a multitude of clicks, and you will not feel any pressure or stress after doing this. As you move your finger from one point on your mouse to the other, your mouse will register multiple clicks.

You don’t need some high-tech mouse to be able to do this. You can always use an older office mouse instead of going for a higher-priced gaming mouse. If you’re looking for a deal, buy an old DELL office mouse or a ROCCAT if you’re okay with spending more. All you need is a mouse with a particularly sensitive clicking wing. If your mouse requires you to press down hard to register a click, like the iHome, you need a different mouse.

If you are learning how to drag click, remember that it may take time to get it right. The process is slow, but it can be very encouraging once you see your mouse tracking your clicks. Dragging relies on friction, so keep your fingers dry to do the job. Furthermore, multiple streamers use tape on their mouse to improve friction and help them remember where to put their finger when dragging.

How to drag click

Knowing how to double-click drag before you get too fancy with short and long drag clicks is essential. This isn’t about clicking the mouse fast or pressing it hard. You must drag your finger softly along the mouse wing from back to front. More clicks will register if you move to the edge of your mouse wing (left for left-clicks and right for right-clicks).

You shouldn’t click in and then drag; that is a common mistake. Imagine that your finger is a stone you need to skip across a pond. It just lightly bounces off the mouse. Put your finger on the mouse lightly enough to feel it, and then move your finger forward without pulling up so that you feel a drag. During this drag, your mouse will bop, press in and out, and click by itself. You should not actively click during the drag.

Finally, curve your wrist. If you don’t move your wrist, you can’t drag click because your finger isn’t that long. If you curve your wrist with the motion, you can cover the length of the mouse and maintain pressure on the mouse’s wing.

Short vs. long drag clicking

You can change your style of drag clicking depending on where you place your finger on your mouse button. Short drag clicking begins in the middle of the mouse wing and can be used to do short bursts. Starting at the very back is known as long drag clicking, which is used for practice and to get far more clicks than can be done with short drag clicking.

In Minecraft, long drag clicking is used primarily for building bridges and placing blocks in a line. Short drag clicking is used in shooters to get short and concentrated bursts of fire, so ammo is not wasted, but the shooting speed remains the same.