How to complete the Jar Bairn questline in Elden Ring

JAR BAIRN! A happy little jar!

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FromSoftware released patch 1.03 for Elden Ring on March 17, 2022. This patch included many different weapon balances and quality of life changes to improve the state of the game. Some of these were changes to the Mimic Tear spirit summon, Hoarfrost Stomp, and the Sword of Night and Flame. 

Additionally, FromSoftware adjusted some NPC questlines and even added one new NPC altogether and many are wondering where to find the new NPC, and how to complete his questline.

Jar Bairn is a new small jar NPC added to Elden Ring with unique dialogue and a new questline. His questline is tied to different parts of the player’s journey including the Volcano Manor and even the mighty Iron Fist Alexander.

Here, we’ll go over where to find Jar Bairn and how to complete his questline.

Screengrab via FromSoftware

Where to find Jar Bairn

The new NPC Jar Bairn is located in Jarburg, a cute and quiet little village of jar-people. Jarburg is found just south of the Carian Studyhall at the bottom of a cliffside. The tombstone stairway leading to the village is found next to the small pond guarded by a Tibia Mariner. 

Screengrab via FromSoftware

Upon reaching Jarburg, players should touch the Site of Grace found at the southern end of the village. From here, there is a house with some stairs on the western side of the village next to the cliff. Jar Bairn can be found sitting on these steps and will talk to the player. 

How to complete Jar Bairn’s questline

Like many questlines in FromSoftware titles, players must completely exhaust an NPC’s dialogue to progress their story. Jar Bairn is no different and requires many Site of Grace resets to continue his story. 

Screengrab via FromSoftware

When first talking to Jar Bairn, he will call you “coz” and introduce himself and the village. He talks about how he wants to become a strong warrior like his Uncle, Alexander, and will ask the player if they are the new potentate. Players should say ‘yes’ and offer Jar Bairn their hand for him to feel. After feeling the player’s hands he will deem them too rough to be the potentate.

Reset the area by resting at the nearby Site of Grace to continue. Talk with him again, and he will say others around the village welcome the player and will allow them to pick the nearby flowers. Pick a handful, rest at the Site of Grace, and speak to Jar Bairn again. 

This time after exhausting his dialogue, he will be locked until the player has met Diallos, another NPC found in the Volcano Manor. Players can speak with Diallos at Volcano Manor in a room opened with the Drawing Room Key and should exhaust his dialogue. He will relocate to Jarburg. 

Once Diallos has moved, talk with Jar Bairn again who will tell the player that Diallos has arrived to be the protector of Jarburg. Players can find Diallos on the north side of the village tending to a jar. Talk with him and exhaust his dialogue. 

Rest again and wait until nightfall. Jar Bairn should no longer be on the steps and instead further north next to a sleeping jar now smashed to pieces. Further up, players will find Diallos taking his final breaths who will tell the player that he was defending the village from poachers. He will ask if he protected the village by which the players should say “you defended them.” However, the only survivor is Jar Bairn. Rest again to reset the area. 

Talk with Jar Bairn twice. He is found sitting next to and mourning Diallos’ dead body. Reset the area. 

Return to where Diallos dying to find his mask, a Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune. Players should speak with Jar Bairn again who has returned to his post on the stairs. 

Screengrab via FromSoftware

To finish Jar Bairns questline, players must have Alexander’s Innards. The key item obtained from finishing Iron Fist Alexander’s questline. If players have these innards, they can be given to Jar Bairn who is happy to receive them. Reset the area one more time to find Jar Bairn gone. He has left on his own warrior journey and, in his place, left the Companion Jar Talisman. This talisman raises the damage of throwing pots by around 20-percent.

Screengrab via FromSoftware