How to check how long it takes to beat a game on Game Pass

No refunds if it takes you longer than average to complete a game.

Image via Microsoft

The details section of a game lists quite a few essential bits of information but not the time required to complete the game. While everyone’s experience will be different based on their pace, knowing how long it takes to beat a game can always come in handy.

The completion time gives players a general idea of how long a game’s story is, and Microsoft recently updated its Xbox PC app to introduce HowLongToBeat integration. HowLongToBeat is a website that specializes in featuring accurate time-to-complete statistics for various titles. The website relies on user feedback when it comes to collecting the required data, meaning any information presented on HowLongToBeat is a result of real data from everyday gamers.

How can you check how long it takes to beat a game on Xbox Game Pass?

  • Launch the Xbox App.
  • Choose Game Pass.
  • Select a game.
  • Scroll down to the Details.
  • The information on how long it takes to beat a game on Xbox Games Pass will be listed under Details.
Screengrab via Microsoft

Beating a game can mean something different for all players. While some players can consider finishing the main story as completing a title, others may not consider a game completed until they unlock 100 percent of the content.

The HowLongToBeat data features time estimates for all kinds of gameplay styles, allowing players to get an answer for their preferences. Game Pass users will also get to submit their own times. Sharing your experience will help HowLongToBeat expand its database and make it more accurate.