How to beat the Stonedigger Troll: Limgrave Tunnels full walkthrough in Elden Ring

This short dungeon in Limgrave is full of valuable smithing materials.

Image via FromSoftware

The Limgrave Tunnels can be found on the northwest corner of Agheel Lake in Limgrave. This small dungeon is a mine, featuring hardy enemies equipped with pickaxes that can do big damage. A torch, while not strictly a requirement, comes in handy for visibility.

Characters with glintstone sorcery will thrive here since nearly all the foes in the tunnels are weak to magic. Those without magic will be fine but should try to carefully manage their stamina to avoid getting caught by the slow but hard-hitting enemies.

From the entrance at the lake, take the nearby elevator down into the mine. Activate the summon pool and the Limgrave Tunnels site of grace here. For now, head back up the elevator and jump off its west side onto a small ledge. Explore for a Golden Rune (4). From there, it’s safe to jump down on lower ledges to reach the site of grace again.

Head northwest down the corridor into a large room. There are miner enemies along the wall who can be pesky to dispatch but guard precious Smithing Stone (1) items. Take the enemies one at a time whenever possible.

Head down the stairs here, heading southwest to fight a group of rats for a Smithing Stone at a dead end. 

After you’ve finished the rats, run northeast down another corridor. Take the elevator here down. At the bottom, there is a short tunnel that leads to a room with a shack, a group of dog enemies, and a couple of miners. Kill them and pick up a Glintstone Scrap in the shack. That might seem like the end of the dungeon, but there are several Limgrave Tunnels yet to explore. Return to the elevator. Like the first lift, it’s possible to jump off its eastern side to continue exploring the dungeon. Look for a large ledge marked out by a torch and a statue of Marika.

The enemies in this section have little flamethrowers, so watch out. Fight one for three Glintstone Scraps at a dead end. Head southwest for another elevator. By now the routine should be familiar: jump off the elevator’s left side for a Golden Rune (1) and a Somber Smithing Stone. 

From the bottom of this elevator, there’s an area with no enemies and a big wooden gate. Beyond the gate is Stonedigger Troll, the boss of the area. Explore the room in front of the gate for another Smithing Stone, then get ready for the boss. Like the other enemies in this dungeon, Stonedigger Troll is very weak to magic. Use it if you have it. Otherwise, use jumping attacks or charged attacks on the troll’s legs. Doing enough melee damage to Stonedigger Troll’s legs will cause them to stagger and leave them vulnerable for a critical hit. The boss has a powerful but slow moveset. Getting behind Stonedigger Troll is a good bet. From there, it’s easy to wallop the troll’s legs in relative safety.

Defeat the troll. That’s the last thing to do in Limgrave Tunnels. Stonedigger Troll drops the Roar Medallion, an accessory that increases the power of roars and breath attacks. Like many of the shorter dungeons in Elden Ring, there’s no need to backtrack to the surface. From the boss room, it’s possible to teleport back to the entrance immediately.