How many people play Splitgate?

Splitgate has an exponential growth curve.

Image via 1047 Games

Arena shooters were all the rage around the 2000s. The competitive nature of the genre requires players to have perfect aim so they can rise above the rest, and Splitgate spices up that action with portals. 

This innovative gameplay experience slowly drew in more players over time, and Splitgate climbed up the ladder of most popular titles on Steam. With consoles also joining the Splitgate party, the number of players who’ll actively be playing the game is likely to increase.

With Splitgate’s popularity increasing, it’s only natural for players to wonder how many people enjoy the game alongside them. Considering the title is available on multiple platforms, it’s hard to make a healthy guesstimate of the overall player count since there isn’t any information available regarding player numbers on consoles.

It’s possible to check out how many players are online and playing Splitgate on Steam, however, since Steam publicly discloses the player numbers in almost all titles on the platform.’s records show that the current all-time peak of online players for Splitgate sits at 67,724. The website also shows the peak player numbers for each month and showcases the changes from previous months.

Developers of the game also stated that Splitgate was experiencing exponential growth and the game had skyrocketed to 200,000 concurrent players from just 400 in a matter of weeks. This means that the majority of the player base must be console players since we already know the number of active players on PC.

While the number of players actively playing the game will fluctuate, huge content patches or seasonal events can always draw in more players. When Splitgate flooded with new and returning players, it’s only natural for players to experience server-related errors that should disappear over time as the game develops further.