How do you get the maximum possible share for heists in GTA 5?

Robbing banks is high-risk, high-reward.

Image via Rockstar Games

In Grand Theft Auto V, heists are more complex missions that have the potential to net the player thousands, if not millions, of dollars. The player can then use that money to buy new vehicles, businesses, safehouses, and more. Each heist varies and will depend on your level of preparation, or lack thereof. 

Your choices leading up to the heist and your preparation are the most critical moments. Everything that happens after will depend on the work you put into it, with more complex objectives leading to a more successful heist. That being said, each one is different and will require close attention to be successful.

Here’s what you need to know to get the most money from each of these Grand Theft Auto V heists.

The Jewelry Store Heist

For the first heist with Franklin and Michael, you’ll be casing and then robbing a jewelry store. When planning the heist, select the Silent option since it will leave you with less to manage and more time to focus on the goods. Your crew selection should be:

  • Driver – Karim Denz
  • Hacker – Rickie Lukens
  • Guns – Packie McCreary

Rickie Lukens is a special character that you can unlock after completing the Lifeinvader mission. He’ll give one of the main characters a call and offer to help with anything they need since he was fired from his previous employer. In addition, using him will provide you with extra time inside the store at a discounted price.

The gunman in this scenario is less important since they’ll all essentially perform the same. There aren’t many scenarios in the first heist that call for firepower anyway, so picking Packie will save you money and still provide guns. Packie can be unlocked by doing a particular mission near Franklin’s house where the NPC needs a getaway driver. 

Karim Denz will make the getaway portion more challenging because the robbers will start on street bikes, but the take will be less affected. You should avoid Norm for this mission because he will crash during the getaway portion and you’ll lose the money he was carrying. 

The Merryweather Heist

Unfortunately, this isn’t a heist that the player can win. So whichever options you pick, this mission is meant to fail. There’s no way around it and players are better off just getting this defeat out of the way. The good news is the player can play this portion however they want and it won’t affect anything else.

The Paleto Score

For the Paleto Heist, players will armor up to take on a small bank in Paleto Bay. After testing the security measures and securing equipment, the player should choose Packie again as their gunman. He’d have extra boosts to his stats if you picked him for the first heist. Choosing Norm or Daryl will cause them to have an accident and lose you a third of your money.

The player will start with over $8 million when they first leave the bank and lose money each time their partners get shot in the back. There is an unavoidable loss for the mission, but players can exceed that by losing a team member or taking too much damage from behind.

The Bureau Raid

This heist sees the player and their friends take on a FIB skyscraper in the middle of a populated city. Between the covert firefighters and rooftop landing, players should choose the latter. While you’ll have to hire a whole crew, no one will die, and you won’t have to pay the costs to that person’s family. For the heist crew, you’ll want to go with:

  • Driver – Taliana Martinez
  • Hacker – Rickie Lukens
  • Guns – Norm Richards

Rickie Lukens will work fine as your hacker, primarily if you had used him earlier in the game. Norm Richards won’t die during this mission, so it’s OK to use him to get a higher cut. 

You’ll need to unlock Taliana, but she’s worth it in the last two heists. After completing the jewelry heist, you can find her near the freeway on the northeast part of the map. You’ll have to drive her to Sandy Shores before she dies. If you’re successful, she’ll offer to help you out. Using her for the FIB heist will have her show up in an ambulance, helping you slip by the cops.

Franklin is the only character who will get paid for this heist and his share is somewhere around $240,000.

The Big Score

This is the biggest heist in Grand Theft Auto V and the final test for the trio of criminals. Players can earn tens of millions of dollars in this mission if they’re careful about planning. You’ll need two drivers and two gunmen if you go with the most profitable option, the driller. For the louder entry method, you’ll need the following crew:

  • Driver (Helicopter) – Taliana Martinez
  • Driver (Train) – Karim Denz
  • Guns – Cheapest options

Taliana won’t crash the helicopter, unlike Karim. The train is easy to use, so put Karim on it instead. The gunmen won’t make a difference, so pick the cheapest option and leave them alone. Most of the heavy lifting in this heist is done by the main characters.

While the total amounts from each heist can vary depending on your performance, these choices will set you up to get the most money you can.