Here are the PC specs for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

You'll need a big rig to swing through Manhattan at max settings.

Image via Insomniac Games

PC gamers are in for a treat in the summer of 2022 when Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered comes to Steam and the Epic Games Store on Aug. 12.

The PlayStation 4 game got an overhaul after its original release in 2018 and now looks better than ever on gaming PC rigs. Running it on normal settings should be no issue for most, but if you’d like to max out the Spidey experience, you’re going to need some serious tech.

The open world of Manhattan is huge and it takes a lot of power to process things like varied reflections, ray-tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, and a variety of screen sizes and monitor types.

Here are the recommended and minimum specifications to run the game on PC, as well as what you’ll need to run the game’s Amazing Ray Tracing and Ultimate Ray Tracing graphics settings.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC specs

Image via Insomniac Games

Here’s everything that comes to the enhanced PC version of the PS4 classic game:

  • “Ray-traced reflections are available across the game for those with hardware that supports them. Reflections also have varied quality levels, one of which is a new, higher-quality ray-traced mode that offers even more city detail when web-swinging and fighting crime in Marvel’s New York.” 
  • “NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors found only on GeForce RTX GPUs, boosting frame rates with uncompromised image quality.”
  • “NVIDIA DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) is an AI-based anti-aliasing mode for GeForce RTX gamers who have spare GPU headroom and want higher levels of image quality.”
  • “Beyond choosing output resolutions, we also support a wide range of display ratios, including ultrawide 21:9, panoramic 32:9, and NVIDIA Surround multi-monitor setups.* If you’ve got three monitors, we’ve got the game for you to show them off with.”
  • “Many other rendering systems are more customizable than they have been in the past, with additional quality levels and algorithmic options. These include SSAO, texture filtering, LoD quality, shadows, and more. We support windowed, full screen, and exclusive full screen rendering modes.”

Here is everything that comes with the title when you pre-order on Steam or the Epic Games Store:

Image via Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered releases on PC on Aug. 12.