Here are the best solo lane gods in Smite

Big money picks for solo lane.

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Last month, Smite had one of its most anticipated updates ever to bring in season eight.

With Smite season eight, the game received a major overhaul. Exciting new starter items were introduced to the shop, a plethora of old items was balanced or revamped, and the Conquest map got a major facelift.

Needless to say, the changes brought about by season eight have had a major impact on the still-evolving meta. The new map introduced additional jungle camps and even wider distances between lanes. This changes how roaming works in the game, particularly for your solo and mid lanes. Roaming for a gank is now much riskier, which means you’ll probably be spending more time in lane getting your soak on.

The item revamps obviously have huge meta implications and will impact who you’re playing a great deal. Here are the solo lane gods that are shaping the season eight meta right now.


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Cerberus is a three-headed deity that takes the form of a dog. When he isn’t busy guarding the Underworld, you can find Cerberus crowd controlling his opponents into rage fits in the solo lane. Cerberus is incredibly tanking and has one of the best teamfight ultimates in the game, allowing him to pick up an enemy (or enemies) and place them wherever he pleases in the immediate area.

If you enjoy tanky gods that can have a huge impact in teamfights, Cerberus is for you. Some great items on Cerberus are Shoes of the Magi, Mystical Mail, Void Stone, and Pridwen.

Guan Yu

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Guan Yu is a saint of war and one of the primary characters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Wielding a giant Naginata, Guan Yu has the ability to mount his horse and cut enemies to shreds. If you like characters with the sustain to trade, Guan Yu is for you. Guan Yu also has the ability to get out of dodge instantly with his ultimate that allows him to mount his horse. Guan can use the horse to charge in or out of battle.

Some items that work great on Guan Yu are Breastplate of Valor, Genji’s Guard, and Warriors Tabi.

Sun Wukong

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If you love Journey to the West, then look no further. You’ve found your main, the Monkey King himself, Sun Wukong. Serving as the inspiration for characters such as Goku, Sun Wukong’s ability to throw hands is exactly what you’d expect. Sun Wukong is a force to be reckoned with in lane and is one of the best bruisers in the game. Sun Wukong is a great choice if you enjoy gods who play around sustain and dueling.

Some good items on Sun Wukong include Warrior Tabi, Soul Eater, and Shifter’s Shield.

Cu Chulainn

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Hailing from Celtic Mythology, Cu Chulainn is described as a warrior without equal. Though we can’t say for sure whether this is the fact in the cosmos, it may be true when it comes to Smite season eight. Cu Chulainn is a force to be reckoned with right now and is honestly worthy of a ban. That being said, if you think it’s worth the risk of your preferred character getting banned or if you want to mess around in casuals, Cu Chulainn is a great call. Cu Chulainn’s ultimate is another great one for teamfighting, seeing him swing his spear in a circle, providing damage and a knock-up to all enemies.

Some great items on Cu Chulainn are Mystical Mail, Warrior Tabi, and Void Shield.

King Arthur

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The one true king, he who wields Excalibur, and Merlin’s protégé, King Arthur. Everyone dreams of pulling a magical sword out of a stone, but Arthur actually did it. He puts that sword to good use by smashing enemies in solo lanes. After debuting in Smite, Arthur was one of the strongest picks in the game for some time. And after a series of nerfs sidelined him for a bit, season eight has brought King Arthur back into the limelight.

Some great items on King Arthur are Reinforced Greaves, Stone of Gaia, Void Shield, and Pridwen.

As always, the meta is ever-evolving. This story will be updated as this happens.