Hackers have found hidden underwear item in Elden Ring’s files

Hackers have found the most essential gear for any adventurer in Elden Ring.

Image via FromSoftware

The Lands Between is a dangerous place filled with mystery meant to be explored. There are incredible items like summons that mimic the player or swords that can kill enemies in three hits. But Polygon has found a locked-away piece of gear in Elden Ring. 

The Deathbed Smalls item is an ornate pair of underwear that looks like a lacy loincloth. While the item has full stats and artwork, FromSoftware seemingly cut it from the game. It was likely part of a set with the Deathbed Dress that can be found in Leyndell. Players who want to access the underwear will need to cheat to get it. 

One of the NPCs in the Roundtable Hold, Fia, wears the intricate undergarments. Hacking players have found ways to take them for themselves. Being able to wear armor and clothes you see on NPCs isn’t strange in a FromSoftware game. 

It is strange that the item has a full model and stats but isn’t found anywhere inside the game. FromSoftware likely removed it due to censorship issues.

If you want to get the Deathbed Smalls for yourself, you’ll need to have a PC copy of Elden Ring. Players can use the Cheat Engine tool and look for item 1930300. You’ll also need to have Elden Ring in offline mode. A YouTuber called Fighter. PL showed what the item looked like as he modeled it on his character.

While FromSoftware likely removed the item for being too revealing, fans can still access it with the right tools—for better or worse.