Pro ‘StarCraft’ player wins match despite booth crashing on his head

When the sky is falling, sometimes the best strategy is to make it fall on someone else

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When the sky is falling, sometimes the best strategy is to make it fall on someone else.

And when the booth collapsed around pro StarCraft 2 gamer, Koh “GuMiho” Byung Jae, he used it as inspiration to regroup and smash his opponent.

For StarCraft fans, nothing compares to the excitement of the SK Telecom Proleague. In it, Korea’s best players compete along with their team to determine who the best group of players in the world is. One of the best teams is CJ Entus, who took second place in the last round. For their first week of games, CJ Entus called in Koh to be their closer against KT Rolster’s star Protoss player, Joo “Zest” Sung Wook.

But as the game started, everything began falling apart for Koh. Literally.

Just 6 minutes into the game, as Koh was moving to defend his first expansion from one of Joo’s stalkers, his booth collapsed upon his head. And in a sport that has no protective equipment, nothing could be more jarring. Considering that StarCraft relies so much on strategy and reacting to a constantly, dramatically changing game state, many players wouldn’t be able to handle the sudden intrusion of a wall panel.

But Koh isn’t other players. After taking a few minutes to make sure he was okay, he was back in, and the game was restarted from a point before the booth collapse.

Koh quickly got back on his feet, opting to make an infantry-heavy army. As if taking inspiration from his misfortune, he began setting up “drops” of his own, this time with the iconic Terran dropship, the Medivac. By scooting across the map and attacking Joo from his own mineral line, Koh was able to completely destabilize the main base of his Protoss opponent.

By the time the final confrontation happened, Joo’s only chance to win was to smash the marine and marauder army of Koh. But Koh micromanaged his army perfectly, taking little damage, and ended up coming out ahead. With Joo’s base in shambles, he was forced to concede the game, giving Koh and CJ Entus yet another win in the Proleague.