Genshin Impact fan recreates Teyvat’s full map in Minecraft

One map, seven regions, and countless blocks.

Image via miHoYo

One Genshin Impact fan by the name of Archi recently built the entire map from the MMO in Minecraft

The builder originally posted a video of their creation on the Chinese video platform Bilibili on Jan. 14, in which they showed their detailed reproduction of Genshin Impact’s map. Some very recognizable landscapes and destinations are featured in the video, including Mondstadt’s cathedral, the Jade Chamber, and even the loading screen with white columns. 

Showing off several locations in the game, the creator displayed all their patience, creativity, and dedication to a time-consuming and enormous project like this one, from the capital of Monstadt to Liyue Harbor with its nighttime look filled with numerous lanterns lighting up the sky. Genshin Impact fans can also take a look at Dragonspine Mountain and its peak from Dawn Winery, while enjoying a modded sunset. From afar even Dragonspine’s peak seems to be perfectly rendered in this Minecraft world, as is the Wangshu Inn and Huaguang Stone Forest. 

From what we see in the video, it would seem that all locations were built in separate Minecraft worlds, and not like a single map. But the creator put a lot of effort into every block, detail of the landscape, the cities, and even the ships they recreated.    

Although this recreation of the Genshin Impact map is very faithful to the original, we can’t help but think what it would be like to explore it without our favorite characters or the antagonists found in the Teyvat regions. Perhaps another player equally dedicated to recreating a perfect replica of Genshin Impact could use a modded Minecraft world to transform zombies, skeletons, and even pillagers into hilichurl shooters, abyss mages, or even treasure hoarders.