An old installment of a beloved racing series takes pole position on Steam after going on sale

The under $20 price tag has made it an attractive deal for players.

Image via Microsoft Studios

The list of top sellers on Steam for the week ending on Sept. 11 has been released. As expected, Steam Deck took the top spot in this list. But it was Forza Horizon 4 becoming the second best seller that surprised most people.

Not only did Forza Horizon 4 do well in sales, but its concurrent player numbers also surged. The average number of players has doubled while the peak player numbers have also nearly quadrupled. 

This came as a surprise to many because the game is not even the latest installment in the franchise. Forza Horizon 5 was released last year in November, but it seems like its predecessor has become a more attractive option for racing game fans.

The main reason being given for such unexpected numbers is the sale the game has had since Sept. 2 on Steam. Currently, the Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition is available for $19.79 on Steam, its lowest recorded price.

For many players, the game provides a lot of playtime and content at this price point. It costs half of Forza Horizon 5’s current price but does not skimp much on the quality or gameplay. Many players who do not own next-gen consoles or high-end desktops also prefer Forza Horizon 4 over 5 because it runs smoother on their slower systems.

In a recent Reddit post, many users talked about the pros of the game and why they consider this sale being such a good deal. 

Hence we can conclude that Forza Horizon 4 will continue to rake in sales and new players until its Steam sale continues. Whether the game will once again slowly fall off after the sale ends, its fate is yet to be seen.