Football Manager 2022 is now free-to-play on Steam and Xbox until April 11

If you're a soccer fan, you should not miss this opportunity.

Image via Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2022, the latest edition of the classic soccer management simulator video game series, is available for download on Steam and Xbox to be played over the course of this weekend.

If you’re interested in taking a journey as the manager of your favorite soccer club, all you need to do is access Steam and the Microsoft Store to download Football Manager 2022 for free. The game will be available until Monday, April 11. The official Football Manager account on Twitter said the simulator would also be up for grabs in the Epic Games Store, but it currently isn’t. Sports Interactive is trying to make it work, though.

Football Manager is the most popular soccer management simulator in the world, having published its first version in 1992 under the name Championship Manager. The developers break up their partnership with Eidos Interactive in 2004 and though they lost the naming rights, they kept the game engine and released the first version of Football Manager that year.

The game keeps adding new features such as training methods, management responsibilities, and layout improvements every year. In Football Manager, players are able to take control of the soccer department of various clubs across the globe and command the squad on officials and friendlies, create tactics, buy and sell players, and hire and fire staff.

Aside from the traditional solo play career in Football Manager, players are also able to play online versus other managers.