FaZe Clan's Tfue and Cloak win this week's $20,000 Friday Fortnite to become the first multi-time champions - Dot Esports

FaZe Clan’s Tfue and Cloak win this week’s $20,000 Friday Fortnite to become the first multi-time champions

Daequan and CaMiLLs earned a valiant second-place finish.

Image via Epic Games

FaZe Clan’s Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloak” Lepore have secured this week’s $20,000 Friday Fortnite championship, becoming the first duo to win multiple Friday Fortnite tournaments.

FaZe went through a tough lineup of teams to get to the winners bracket finals, with the likes of NoahJ456, Andre “TypicalGamer” Rebolo, and Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar falling at their virtual feet. After winning four matches to clinch a top three finish, FaZe took on TSM’s Daequan Loco and Juan “CaMiLLs” Camilla in the winners bracket finals.

TSM also had a difficult stretch of series to get to their match against FaZe. Starting off the tournament against Team Envy captain KingRichard and TSM streamer AimbotCalvin was a solid first-round test for Daequan and CaMiLLs to overcome. TSM followed it up with wins over compLexity’s Michael Hogman, Thang “SpaceLyon” Phan of FaZe Clan, and Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to make it to the winners bracket finals.

Despite giving their all against the former champions, TSM fell into the losers bracket, where they met up with Calvin and Richard again in a rematch of the first round—and it wasn’t much of a matchup. Thanks to an abysmal two-kill game one from their opponents, TSM took an extremely comfortable 22-kill lead into the second game, which proved to be way too much for Richard and Calvin to overcome.

In the grand finals, the first series belonged pretty much entirely to TSM. Several early mistakes from FaZe led to a commanding lead for TSM, which they held on to in game two. The second grand finals series was much different, though.

The first game was an incredible display of slaying power for FaZe—they combined for 28 kills. TSM didn’t have a bad game by any means, but their 15 kills paled in comparison to their opposition’s total.

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Like many teams with leads, FaZe employed a pretty simple strategy in the second game: stay close to TSM and try to steal kills. With CaMiLLs going down without much of a contribution, both Tfue and Cloak acted as Daequan’s shadow, participating in any and all gunfight Daequan found himself in.

The strategy worked pretty much to perfection—Daequan simply couldn’t separate enough from FaZe to mount a comeback. Tfue and Cloak sealed the championship and the $10,000 cash prize for FaZe Clan, marking the duo’s second tournament win after they claimed the event’s grand prize two weeks ago.

FaZe may be walking away with $10,000, but TSM and the pairing of AimbotCalvin and KingRichard will receive a boost to their bank accounts as well for their impressive placings. For getting second, TSM will receive $7,000, while Calvin and Richard earned $3,000 for third place.

With their second tournament win, FaZe have proven that they’re one of the best duos, if not the best. Tfue and Cloak will look to defend their title in next week’s tournament, where they’ll likely have an even larger target on their backs.