Everything coming to Among Us in 2022

Here's what's coming to everyone's favorite backstab-your-friends game this year.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has been one of gaming’s biggest hits since it reached the public eye. Its unique brand of tabletop game-like discussion and silent backstabbing has been a winning combination for scores of gamers around the world. It helps that the game is on almost every conceivable platform, including mobile devices, making it easy to assassinate your friends no matter where you are.

While the game has been out for several years now, the team at Innersloth shows no signs of slowing down. Community director Victoria Tran shared a news post on the company’s website earlier this week that detailed everything coming to Among Us in 2022.

Image via Innersloth

Here’s what to expect from the megahit title later this year.

What’s already here

The Among Us 2022 roadmap starts out with recent updates to the game, namely the addition of new roles, Cosmicubes, and support for 15 players. The new roles for Crewmates include the Engineer, who can use vents just like the Impostor, the Guardian Angel, who can protect other Crewmates who are still alive with a shield, and the Scientist, who can see vitals at any time. There’s also a new role for Impostors called Shapeshifter, which allows them to transform into any other Crewmate as a disguise.

The Cosmicube system is a branching unlockables system that allows players to receive new cosmetic items as they play the game. Some Cosmicubes are free, while others are available for purchase with real money. The team has come out with several varieties of Cosmicubes since then, including an Arcane-themed Cosmicube and a variety of holiday-themed Cosmicubes.

What’s coming soon

After recapping what’s already been released in the last few months, the Among Us roadmap shows off features that are coming soon. Fans have been requesting an in-game friends list for a while and Innersloth promises that it will be arriving soon. Players will be able to add friends from each round that they play and keep in touch with each other.

This section of the roadmap also includes various quality-of-life updates, including easier account creation, Cosmicube redemption, and chat choice. In addition, Innersloth will be making improvements to the game’s UX, or user experience, with the goal of having a clearer flow among all of the game’s processes.

A handful of other features are coming to the game and its community soon. Fans can now pre-order Among Us Nendoroid figures and purchase plushies and new merch on the official Innersloth store. In April, the game will receive a one-shot manga feature in the Japanese magazine Bessatsu Corocoro.

What’s down the road

Besides showcasing what’s in the near future, the Among Us roadmap also gives a sneak peek of what’s coming later on this year. While there aren’t many details about these features yet, they’re confirmed plans for the game.

The Innersloth team plans to add more roles and more Cosmicubes to the game, giving players more options on how they deck out their Crewmate or Impostor and making each round feel unique and fresh. There are also more collabs in the works, as well as a new hide-and-seek game mode that players will have access to. This isn’t even everything, though. On the roadmap, Innersloth promises that it has even more in the works for later on.

Finally, there will be more information given about Among Us VR sometime in the future. In the meantime, there will be new content updates and surprises sprinkled throughout the year, which will keep fans and players on their toes.

Whether you’re a Crewmate or an Impostor, there’s plenty to come for everyone’s favorite backstabbing game.