EsportsWikis Expand into Vainglory

EsportsWikis set to launch their newest addition to the site with Vainglory

Today EsportsWikis announced they will be adding an additionaltitle to their site, Vainglory.  You can find the officialpress release below and how you can help.

This release is somewhat different from earlier releases.Our wiki is still a work in progress, but we wanted to make itavailable prior to the summer live championships this weekend.Launching slightly early also has the advantage of there being abunch of stuff that anyone can easily work on if you want to getinvolved!

In fact, we rely 100% on your contributions. Every time I’veposted in this sub, I’ve seen comments about how exciting it isthat this project is happening because it means Vainglory isgaining legitimacy as an esport. That’s why we wanted to makeVainglory one of the games we did a wiki for (along with [Rocket League] -you guys were super passionate about the project happening.However, **we need your help**. This project cannot reach itsfullest potential without the support of the community, which meansyou!

Here’s some stuff that’s easy to get started with:

Filling in picks & bans for some tournaments that don’thave them yet, examples (you can get VODs timestamped at pick/banfrom the “VODs” tab):
VIPLSeason 1
VIPLSeason 2
VIPLSeason 3

Contributing to player biographies & teamhistories
Creatingpages from the Wanted Pages list

New to editing? No problem! We have a tutorial onour LoL wiki which goes over everything you need to know to getstarted, and if you have any questions at all you can write in thisthread, PM me, or send us your contact info in an application so wecan add you to our discord server!

Need help editing or want to become a regular contributor?Applyto join our staff! This is more of a way for us to getcontact information than an actual application, we will acceptpretty much anyone who’s interested, especially if you’ve alreadymade at least one edit on the wiki – and if you don’t want to joinstaff necessarily but just want help with editing just say so &we’ll add you!

While anything you’re interested in covering would help, weare especially looking for contributors who specifically followKorea, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia, either to writebiographies, collect roster information, or create tournamentpages.

Thanks for your support of this project, and I can’t wait towork with you on the wiki!