eSports-Nation acquired by GAMURS

eSports-Nation acquired by GAMURS

eSports-Nation acquired by GAMURS; creates one-stop eSports content hub

Over the past five years, eSportsNation has brought together passionate fans, creators and professionals to build the world’s leading source for competitive gaming content, coverage and multimedia services. In the spirit of this success, we are proud to announce that, as of April 25, 2016, eSportsNation will be officially adding their coverage of Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Halo to – a one-stop eSports content hub.

Alan ‘Nahaz’ Bester, a Professor of Economics at Western University and Dota 2 expert, claims that as eSports continues to grow as an entertainment form, it’s viewership will demand the volume and quality of content match that of traditional professional sports. According to Bester, “The successful brands will be those who commit to providing quality content and building a reputation in esports communities, rather than those focusing on pageviews and short term return.”

The integration of eSportsNation’s staff and production models into GAMURS aims to make this exact investment into quality content. Joining leading creators like CS:GO expert Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, Dota 2 host and statistician Alan ‘Nahaz’ Bester and the team behind, the staff of eSportsNation will maintain intact, continuing to bring our readers the best content and live event coverage in competitive gaming.

GAMURS’ devotion to eSportsNation’s community and staff is why ESN Founder and Director Shawn Glenn views this acquisition as the next step in eSportsNation’s continued growth. “After several meetings, Riad [Chikhani, Founder and CEO of GAMURS] and I quickly realized that we have the same line of site in all directions [for eSports content creation and news reporting],” Glenn said in a statement. “Our merger with GAMURS will continue to foster the passion for eSports we have cultivated at ESN. To help ensure these values, I will be coming over to GAMURS as the Marketing Manager. Alongside Riad and the GAMURS team, I am certain that together we will continue to do great things in eSports.”

eSportsNation Co-Owner and Managing Director, Owen Fish, who will continue to lead operational performance at GAMURS, noted the powerful potential of combining GAMURS’ strengths and resources with eSportsNation’s talent:

“The focus now is on realizing the full potential of this powerful mix for our clients, our people and our investors. These are brands coming together with world-class coverage and experience, shared values and now, a vastly expanded set of capabilities, teams of people and a wider geographic reach. Together, we can continue to provide the services and solutions our clients and fans have been used to receiving from us, and also create new offerings that have limited us before whilst bolstering new avenues our industry continues to throw at us.”

By investing in eSportsNation’s talented staff, GAMURS Founder and CEO Riad Chikhani aims to do just that. On the acquisition, he states, “In our work to build GAMURS, we were constantly amazed by the coverage that the team at eSportsNation was providing for the COD, Halo and CS:GO community. Their efforts to provide hundreds of thousands of fans live updates of tournaments was compelling enough for us to align our visions together.”

While this acquisition marks a greater focus on established creators for GAMURS, the site will continue to support developing content creators via its open posting policy. Creators at any skill level will be able to post alongside established brands, monetize their content and, given success, find opportunities to grow their role at GAMURS. But GAMURS’ reach doesn’t end at content. On, contributors and readers alike are also able to find fellow players and teams to join them in their favorite eSports titles. Other sites in the GAMURS network, including and, provide in-game statistic tracking to improve your play.

As we continue to integrate our site and staff into, we thank everyone who has stood by us. eSportsNation was founded on high quality and speedy reporting, competitive gaming culture and building a real connection that bridges fans and professionals in eSports. While we may be called GAMURS now, we are certain that these values will remain intact as we continue to bring you, the reader, the content and news you have come to expect.

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