Elden Ring: Screaming at night in Limgrave, explained

The screams in Limgrave are one of the most disturbing pieces of audio in Elden Ring.

Image via FromSoftware

Although Limgrave, the first zone players will encounter in Elden Ring, is more welcoming than other regions of the Lands Between, players may encounter a horrifying sound at some points in their travels. The sound, which sounds a lot like a bloodcurdling series of screams, is practically unavoidable when traveling through specific regions of Limgrave at night. 

Just a few hours into your Elden Ring adventure, it’s possible that you may come across a section of the zone where the screaming sound is impossible to ignore. From the Church of Elleh toward Stormhill, players will be able to hear a series of screams as they travel through Limgrave. These screams only occur at night and can truly be jarring to hear at first considering how incessant, loud, and practically endless they are if you stay in the area. 

Screengrab via FromSoftware

While you may first be led to believe that these screams may be the result of the notably noisy bat-like enemies in the area, their iconic (and very loud) audio cue is much more distinct as they’ll chant a haunting song in Latin when approached. In reality, the screams you hear in Limgrave are of crucified Tarnished. If you look up, you’ll see rows and rows of your fellow Tarnished screaming in agony. 

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Unfortunately, you’re not able to put these poor souls out of their misery by hitting them with a melee or ranged attack. If you’re feeling disturbed or uncomfortable by the screams of the crucified Tarninshed, there is no way to turn off their screaming in the in-game settings. The only way to do away with the horrific audio is by traveling to a Site of Grace and waiting until morning.