Elden Ring online services will be live at launch despite Dark Souls online PC issues

The Dark Souls exploit shouldn't bleed over into the new game.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring fans can expect the game to launch with online services enabled since Bandai Namco has taken “the necessary security measures” to prevent the issues occurring in Dark Souls from happening in the new game. 

Elden Ring, the upcoming action RPG developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, is finally releasing on Feb. 25. Fans are excited to dive into the new world, exploring and defeating enemies along the way. Recent issues with the Dark Souls online services made many players nervous that Elden Ring would suffer the same issues, but Bandai Namco has assured players this is not the case. 

Bandai Namco released a statement today from the official Dark Souls Twitter account, explaining the current situation with Darks Souls games on PC and if the issues will affect Elden Ring. The good news is the team has taken security precautions for Elden Ring, which means the game should have online modes enabled at launch. 

An exploit in Dark Souls allowed hackers to take control of PCs and take sensitive information like passwords and other data. The Dark Souls online services on PC are currently down while the developers deal with the problem and won’t return until after the release of Elden Ring

The Dark Souls downtime is bad news for fans of the series, but Elden Rings fans can look forward to the game’s launch on Feb. 25.